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Wisdom Tooth Removing

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are found at the end of the oral cavity and break through the gums, between the ages of 16 and 22. If they break through normally, these teeth can be kept healthy until one is very old. Often, though, there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth and when they do come in, they could cause some problems. Often the wisdom teeth are integrated in the jaw bone and can not break through the gums. Besides, they can affect the placement of the front teeth.

Should Dr Fedele realize that there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to come in he will suggest the extraction of the tooth at an early stage, at best before it breaks through the gums. It is known that many young adults have fears associated with having their wisdom teeth extracted, and that’s why at Swiss Dental Clinic this procedure is treated with care. Sedation dentistry may be used to make this procedure more comfortable.

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