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Surgical Dental Treatments in Dubai

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a sturdier and longer-lasting alternative for people who are missing multiple teeth and who have sufficient bone density to support them. 

Wisdom Tooth Removing

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are found at the end of the oral cavity and break through the gums, between the ages of 16-22. 

Cyst Operation

Cysts are, in the broader sense, balloons of tissue, which form around a tooth, generally through diseased processes, and form a hollow pocket in the jaw bone.

Root Tip Amputation

Infectious processes at the tip of the root of a tooth can lead to deterioration of the surrounding bone and to local infection, including swelling and abscesses.

Gum Transplants

Recession of the gingiva (gums) can cause a number of dental or health problems and, unfortunately, leads to an unattractive smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Teeth are not all pearly white. Inside each tooth lies a slender strand of “pulp,” which contains nerves and provides nutrients to the tooth.