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Everybody is looking for a discreet way to straighten his teeth. At Swiss Dental Clinic in Dubai, we can offer you first-class orthodontic treatment: the invisible lingual braces with incognito System from 3M.

Lingual Braces Invisible Dubai

Invisible Lingual Braces
When most people start to think of a beautifying their smile they assume they will have to endure unsightly braces for the period of 1-2 years. It is not the case with Lingual orthodontics! The braces are hidden behind the teeth. Any concerns with protruding, crooked, inverted or overlapping teeth, noticeable spaces, can all be corrected.

Many adults today seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, or may seek treatment because of jaw pain, dysfunction, excessive wear or challenges with the dental hygiene. Whatever your goals are, we will prepare and submit a treatment plan to achieve a beautiful smile with a healthy and balanced alignment of your teeth.

Why Invisible Lingual Braces, and why to choose Swiss Dental Clinic?

  • Dr. Isabelle GRIER has many years of experience using all types of orthodontic appliances while staying up to date with the most current advances in the field.
  • She is a trainer for the Lingual Braces technique.
  • She is dedicated to find the best form of treatment to suit your individual needs and desired end results.
  • She evaluates every case individually to determine the most efficient treatment plan to achieve optimum results.
  • She treats every patient with the utmost respect, always giving them the education and information necessary to make their decisions about the treatment.
  • Questions from patients are always important and welcome.
  • Your relationship with your orthodontist is a long-term, and we provide orthodontic care in an enjoyable environment.
incognito braces dubai

It works using fixed braces attached to the inner face of each tooth which make them invisible when you smile or talk. The braces are bespoke to fit individually to the shape of the teeth and thanks to their extreme flatness make them very comfortable. All types of misalignment can be treated.

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FAQ about Lingual Braces

What ages can benefit from lingual orthodontics?

Age is not a factor

How long is the treatment?

This can only be determined by the orthodontist, based on the complexity of the problems to be solved. Usually it takes between 6 to 24 months.

How often will I need to visit the orthodontist during the treatment?

Thanks to the launch of high technology appliances,  ideally, the patient needs only to come once every 4 to 5 weeks.

Does it hurt?

Like traditional braces, it may be uncomfortable for the first several days. Orthodontic wax, over-the-counter pain relief tablets and a soft diet will help through this period.

Is it difficult to clean my teeth with the braces?

More time and care are required while wearing any type of braces, but Lingual braces have actually proven safer, since the inside of teeth is more resistant to decalcification.

Will my teeth move after the braces are removed?

You will receive a thin retainer which is going to be glued to the back of the teeth in the same area where you had the brackets. This will keep your teeth in the new position.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on time and complexity, but we are committed to making lingual orthodontics affordable for everyone.

Is it for me?