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Teeth should be brushed after every meal and after every “sweet” snack. It is suggested that teeth be cleaned thoroughly with all the appropriate products at least once a day, at best before bedtime.

The most important instrument for teeth cleaning is the toothbrush. The toothbrush should be made of soft, plastic bristles.

Hand-held and electrical toothbrushes, as long as the technique is correct, clean equally well. An electric toothbrush, given that it is used properly, may be faster, or when used equally long, even more efficient.

First, brush the teeth with a toothbrush
Make small, circular motions. Move the brush slowly at don’t apply too much pressure. Tooth by tooth: Start at the back (the teeth which are most difficult to clean) going to the front. First clean the inner side of the teeth, then the outer side at the end the chewing surface.

Brushing tooth

After, clean the spaces between the teeth.
This little extra work, which we often like to skip, actually makes a big difference not only to your teeth but also to your gum condition. Between the teeth, where the brush does not reach well, plaque tenaciously sticks and more often than not calcifies to tartar. 
The more practice you will have the less patience will be needed!
There are various products available for use in this step. In your consultation at the Swiss Dental Clinic you will be recommended.

teeth flossing dubai

Dental floss is one of the most important products. It is important that the systematic cleaning of both sides of a tooth by way of up and down motion. The floss should slide along the neck of the tooth and reach beneath the gums. This aids in removing deposits below the gum line and above the tooth surface and slightly massages the gum.

An alternative to floss is the wooden or micro brush. The cleaning effect is somewhat less, especially in the tooth’s inner surface. As one gets older, or after treatment of the gums, the spaces between the teeth become larger, because the gums recede. In this case use of special floss (or thicker floss) is very important.

In the case of large spaces in between teeth, small interdental-brushes (small “bottle brushes”) can be used. Choose the products which fit properly. This can mean that two products need to be used in order to achieve a thorough cleaning.
The gums may bleed a little when you first begin to floss. This should settle within a few days.

Many people also clean their tongue after cleaning their teeth.
You can do this with a toothbrush. You can also buy a special plastic tongue scraper from pharmacies. A bulk of oral bacteria and debris reside on the tongue, they can contribute to tooth decay and often cause bad breath. A quick tongue clean certainly nicely finishes-up your teeth cleaning session leaving you a pleasant sense of freshness.