Gum Transplants

Recession of the gingiva (gums) can cause a number of dental or health problems and, unfortunately, leads to an unattractive smile. Because they are the body’s natural line of defense against oral bacteria, keeping your gums in good health is essential. 
If caught early on, gum recession can be controlled through small changes in your oral hygiene routine. However, for those people whose gums have receded dramatically, gum grafting may be necessary. 
The teeth which have become too long (sensitive roots where the gums have receded and which are not aesthetically pleasing) can be recovered with gum tissue and thus the natural aesthetic is regained. To perform this procedure, Dr Fedele removes a small section of tissue from a nearby area, or from the roof of the mouth, and reattaches it in the problem area. 
The intervention itself is pain-free. 
The recovery period requires that the operated areas are handled with extreme care, so that the gums which have been re-positioned will grow stably.

Gum Transplatation Dubai