Fixed Bridges

When tooth come missing, the workings of the chewing apparatus can be re-established in three ways, depending on how many teeth are missing and the needs of the individual patient: Bridges, Dental Implants and Dentures.

Bridges replace a missing tooth, or several missing teeth. The tooth to the side of the space would be covered with a crown. 
A bridge is created between one’s own teeth on the extremities of the gap and the new tooth/new teeth is/are stably held in place between the crowns over the natural teeth. In case of big gaps and absence of remaining teeth, bridges may also be anchored to dental implants.

Bridges ensure a complete and functional row of teeth and achieve again beautiful, complete smiles. 
Up until now, bridges consisted of a metal core, but now the latest technology has tested plastic or complete ceramic cores. Long-term results are still pending for such constructions.

Fixed Bridges Dubai.jpg