Dental Emergencies

Always first call me in the practice. After many years of assistance, Ms. Theresa is skilled receptionist. There will always be someone answering your urgent call. In cases of general absence all the phone calls to the practice are automatically rerouted to my mobile phone.

My private mobile number is not available for cancellation or changements of appointments.
Should a dental case really be alarming, you can call me on my mobile phone.

What do you do when you have an accident where the teeth are damaged?

Through an accident in which teeth are damaged, proper action is decisive action. In any accident case where teeth are involved, it is highly suggested to contact a dentist. Only a dentist can decide whether treatment is necessary.

In the case that a dentist is needed, it is extremely important that you inform him/her accurately. What happened? When, how and where? How old is the injured person? Which teeth were affected?

If teeth are damaged by an accident, most often other parts of the face are also wounded. When wounds occur in the oral cavity, the dentist can, in most cases, be helpful. If there are larger wounds of the cheeks, the nose, the lips (outer areas), we suggest that you contact a surgical emergency clinic or a hospital.

In the case of extreme bleeding, we suggest that you press a clean handkerchief, or tissue onto the wound or you lay a pressure band on the wound. When possible, do not allow the wounded person to lay flat on his/or her back. In case of signs of concussion, please call your general practitioner of the nearest hospital.