Caring dentistry with a gentle touch.

It results from the many previous pages on this site: Dr Fedele’s mission is a broad and articulated one which fully corresponds to the ethics and life principles of his persona. 
He is the curator of your dental health, he is the expert helping you to rejuvenate your tired and worn teeth and he wants to contribute to the improvement of your entire sense of well-being. So no wonder he believes that the secret behind creating beautiful smiles is to perform them on a patient who is relaxed, calm, and comfortable.

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His 16 years of experience in Dubai have made him acquaint different realities and up to today every approach of his is an individualized one. He first listens and understands, then answers questions to lift all apprehension naturally invades a person before a dentist visit. Lastly he makes sure the patient is well informed about the dental care procedure. Only this empathy from Dr Fedele’s side can make every patient relaxed, comforted and confident.

A fresh smelling practice; soothing music and the calming splashing of the water fountain; a green planted corridor; a welcoming waiting area full of magazines; which is like a little lounge; big photos showing Geneva – its beautiful lake and candid mountain scenes and not least; a friendly greeting from Andrea, Cielo and Helen; the assistants with 5 years of house experience… this is the Swiss Dental Clinic!

Think of a dentist’s visitin other,new, terms: Your right attitude.. “you give yourself a treat and do something nice for yourself!”

Your health concerns and aesthetic wishes are more more easily talked in your language of choice. Dr. Fedele speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.