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Invisible Braces

For the last decades, tooth misalignment (malocclusions) has been corrected with the use of retainers or non-removable apparatuses (braces, bands, arches).

In the last few years, though, simple placement correction has been done with the aid of stable and nearly invisible, removable “aligners” that correct misaligned teeth. With this product, crooked and twisted teeth, as well as, spaces between teeth, and overlapping teeth, can be corrected. (Larger corrections involving jaw positioning should still be done utilizing the classic methods implemented by orthodontists.)


Time Saving 50% faster – Invisible braces are alternative to traditional braces with treatment up to 2x faster. Advanced 3D technology will optimize your whole treatment plan. Which means you will be getting a treatment plan that has shorter treatment period as compared to conventional braces.

Virtually invisible – The Invisible aligners are virtually invisible (transparent). You can correct your teeth without anyone ever noticing.

The aligners are removable – You can remove them before eating and you can eat whatever you like. You are able to maintain an optimal level of oral hygiene since you can brush your teeth as usual. An additional application of fluoride is necessary and we will instruct you on how to apply it correctly.

See final results even before starting treatment – With the Invisible aligners Program You can receive and view the final corrected teeth model before starting your treatment. As a computer supported method we enables you to view what your corrected teeth will look like once treatment has ended.

Easy Maintenance – It is much easier to clean a detachable aligner as compared to flossing and brushing the conventional braces.

The invisible aligners are comfortable – No metal braces or sharp wires, and are less likely to cause any irritation to your gums or cheeks. Your lip will have better comfort during treatment.

Watch the Video to learn more about Invisible Aligners

How Invisible aligners Work?

Invisible aligners are used as a method of orthodontic treatment, aligners use gradual force to control the movement of the tooth. They are constructed of a strong plastic material that is virtually invisible and is custom made for each patient. Aligners need to be wear 22 hours per day and the aligners are switched with a new aligner every seven to 14 days. A treatment plan will be advised to you individually, based on a detailed evaluation of your teeth. 

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